With nearly 30 years experience, Probiotics NZ was founded on the premise of
bringing together well respected and superb quality brands from leaders in their
industry. We focus on meeting your health needs with products from companies
who are specialists in their field .These companies have a long tradition of using only high quality ingredients and manufacturing processes which give their
products a strong edge. Each has a connection with nature and from their own
beginnings, through plenty of hard work, dedication and inspiring goals, they bring you great products. Our loyal customers are proof of the quality and effectiveness of the brands we recommend,

Based in Auckland with many years experience as a community pharmacist, Nicola Johns shares the story’s of these wonderful companies and their products, on a daily basis. Human well being includes human health, and both western medicine and natural healing have roles in our health balance. Let nature guide you towards wellness and joy.






Why love your gut?

Your gut houses the majority of your microbiome which is involved in nearly every part of your body’s processes (the rest is in your mouth, genitals, nose, skin etc). You have 2 kg of microbes(eg bacteria,fungi,viruses), with over tens of trillions of micro organisms , and more than 1000 species of bacteria for you to look after. These microorganisms are called your microbiome and the friendly bacteria of this living gut microbiome world, help you to digest your food, especially when it becomes hard for your stomach and intestines to do this job. The stomach is host to only a few microbes, while the small intestine (where food is digested) has some microbes and the large intestine (where food ferments after digestion) is home to the majority of those trillions of microbes. When you eat each meal millions of microbes enter your body. The intestines are a warm, cosy space, with a regular supply of food, so most of the microbes live here. When your gut microbiome is balanced, you stay healthy, you are have good moods and energy. The good news is that you can change your gut microbiome.

Your gut affects every other part of
your body’s health.

Researchers now know that the
microbes in your gut influence your
health and risk of disease.