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Gentle and Stimulating Digestive Support

NatureWorks Original Formula Swedish Bitters Extract is a daily tonic for the promotion of overall health and well-being. NatureWorks Original Formula Swedish Bitters Extract is a unique herbal combination that supplements the bitter food group to provide balance in the diet. NatureWorks Original Formula Swedish Bitters Extract is gentle and stimulating.

Dr Theiss: NatureWorks Founder

Natural medicine is as old as humanity itself. The inherent powers of nature go far beyond chemical thinking and the sole focus on individual agents. Prof. Dr. Peter Theiss recognised the trend towards naturopathy 40 years ago. Due to the extensive in-house production of natural remedies and the ever-increasing demand, he founded the 1978 Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH( Natureworks). For almost 40 years, NatureWorks have been producing natural care products from carefully selected raw materials of high quality and offering an innovative range of natural based products. The company's principles are to use gentle processing that preserves the value of the raw materials. Its high standard of combining effectiveness and compatibility with naturalness and sustainability make the Dr. Theiss products popular.


For centuries, the flowers of Calendula Officinalis, which is also popularly called marigold, is used in natural medicine for the treatment of wounds and inflammation. In addition, it is also ideal as a nourishing ingredient for natural personal care products. In collaboration with the working groups of Prof. Dr. med. Becker (Saarbrücken University), Prof. dr. Franz (University of Vienna) and Prof. dr. Della Loggia (University of Trieste) NatureWorks has been studying the effects on inflammation  of calendula in recent years.

The Calendula Difference

Early on, the company Theiss Naturwaren(NatureWorks) had drawn the right conclusions from the scientific findings: That the marigold is a natural source of highly effective active constituents which should be standardised and optimised. In cooperation with the University of Vienna, breeding attempts were started in 1993. The aim was to find a type of marigold that contains the active ingredients in high concentration. This breed has now been successfully completed. The new variety has been registered with the European Plant Variety Office and is thus protected for their company (Rinathei). This variety is not a genetically engineered plant, but a natural variety that has been propagated through careful selection and appropriate breeding. This plant and the extract obtained from its flowers are the guarantee of high effectiveness and the excellent skin compatibility of their marigold ointments and Dr. Theiss Calendula personal skincare.

Swedish Bitters

Swedish Bitters secret formula rediscovered. Lost for centuries, the secret herbal formula Swedish Bitters, created by Paracelsus in the 16th century was rediscovered by a distinguished Austrian herbalist. Since then NatureWorks Swedish Bitters has won enthusiastic praise from million of Europeans as the definitive herbal elixir. An artfully blended extract of selected herbs of unsurpassed quality. Gentle and Stimulating, Swedish Bitters promotes regularity for healthy digestive function. They make the extract and analyse it in their laboratory to assure you of unquestionable purity and optimum potency. Swedish Bitters is the most remarkable traditional European herbal extract.


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