September 28, 2017
Spike All-Purpose Seasoning- refill box 198g
October 30, 2017

Spike All-Purpose seasoning Jar 85g


A delicious blend of 39 exotic herbs, vegetables and spices with the perfect amount of sea and earth salt crystals.

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A delicious blend of 39 exotic herbs, vegetables and spices with the perfect amount of sea and earth salt crystals.

From the Italian kitchens of internationally acclaimed gourmet nutritionist, Gayelord Hauser, comes this special blend of 39 flavourful herbs, vegetables, and non-irritating exotic spices with just the right amount of salt crystals. Discover the taste excitement that has made SPIKE the favourite all purpose seasoner with great chefs everywhere. SPIKE adds a little magic to every meal.

Suggested Use:It’s terrific on salads, sauces, stews, meats, eggs, cottage cheese, pizzas, barbeques, vegetables, salad dressings, dips, appetisers, popcorn, tomato drinks, snacks and main courses. SPIKE adds great flavour, not calories! Contains no chemical free flowing agents.

Gluten Free

Please keep lid closed and store in cool, dry place. Stir if caked.


Salt crystals (earth and sea), hydrolyzed soy protein (no added MSG), soy granules, mellow toasted onion, nutritional yeast, garlic, orange powder, dill, kelp, horseradish, mustard flour, orange and lemon peel, celery granules and powder, sweet green and red bell peppers, parsley flakes, celery root powder, white pepper, turmeric, rosehips, summer savory, onion powder, parsley powder, mushroom powder, coriander, fenugreek, basil, cayenne pepper, spinach powder, cloves, cumin, ginger, marjoram, oregano, thyme, tarragon, cinnamon, safflower, paprika, tomato, rosemary, celery seed.



You may not be aware of it – you may not even know who he is – but Gayelord Hauser changed the way you live. Every time you check a nutritional label, take your daily multi-vitamin, enjoy a bite of your favorite yogurt or munch on a crunchy piece of whole wheat toast -you owe those actions, in large part, to him.

Gayelord Hauser spent his long and vibrant life studying and teaching the health benefits of what he coined living foods – those that contribute to a longer, healthier life. His WONDER FOODS – Yogurt, Blackstrap Molasses, Powdered Skim Milk, Brewers Yeast and Wheat Germ have become staples in many of today’s households, but it was he who first extolled their merits, not only in this country but in many others. His dedication and drive to educate people about the miracle of intelligent nutrition was the focus of his life. Perhaps it is because he owed his own life to the very thing he preached.

As a young man, Gayelord Hauser was diagnosed with tuberculosis of the hip, which, in the early part of the 20th century, was a death sentence. With conventional medicine offering no hope, and virtually nothing to lose, he went to see a monk in Switzerland who was known for his teachings of health via herbs and living foods. The monk devised a nutritional programme for Hauser which extended his life – by SEVEN DECADES! Cured of tuberculosis, Hauser set out to share this miracle with the rest of the world. He started with one-on-one consultations in Chicago, but his following grew so fast and wide, he began lecturing, travelling speaking to classrooms and auditoriums filled with eager, hungry people about the value of NATURAL FOODS.

Health foods stores began to open all across the country, and Dr. Hauser’s teachings brought even the most hardened skeptics through their doors, searching for better health. His syndicated column for Hearst Newspapers became so popular he decided to gather his teachings together and offer them to the public in a more succinct, personal form. The result was his first book, EAT AND GROW BEAUTIFUL, which became an international best-seller. But it was LOOK YOUNGER, LIVE LONGER, first published in 1951, by which Gayelord Hauser became a legend. Everyone, from the most glamorous movie stars of the day to Royalty – kings, queens, dukes, duchesses – to Mr. and Mrs. Average American… Each and every one of them began to use the wisdom of Gayelord Hauser to improve their health and extend their lives.

This is not to say there were not struggles. Even as he praised the living foods for their health benefits, he lambasted what he called empty foods – white flour, white sugar, over processed junk foods – and the sales of these things began to fall across the country. This caused panic amongst the manufacturers, who headed straight for Washington, D.C. They accused him of quackery and gave him an alternative – he could either turn around and join them or they would bring him down. He fought them, alone, spending a large portion of the millions of dollars he had earned through the sales of his books. But he was not simply fighting to protect his own reputation – he was fighting to preserve the integrity of the ENTIRE NATURAL FOOD INDUSTRY, even though no one from that industry had shown the courage to stand with him in this very costly, very public fight. But Gayelord Hauser won his case nonetheless. And the fruits of his victory have been enjoyed, over and over, by every one of us. Which is exactly the way he wanted it.

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