Tested and Trusted

How can you trust the claims about how good a supplement is ? Just because you are told its good or the advert or label looks promising does not follow that it is to be trusted. If it has been studied in a trial, the quality of evidence provided by the study needs to be assessed. Not all scientific studies are of the same standard and equal. Some trials may be poorly designed and the results need to be dismissed. The “gold standard” of studies is a randomised double blind placebo controlled trial. If a product has this gold standard study then you can trust it is at the top and its results are taken seriously!

Pomi-T is the only available polyphenol rich food supplement which has been clinically evaluated in a double blind, placebo, controlled, government approved randomised trial adhering to EU Good Clinical Practice, ethical guidelines. Very few natural supplements have been tested to this level. Pomi-T’s trial is the gold standard can be trusted. What do all these words mean……?

Clinical trials are studies in which humans are exposed to “something” and followed for a defined outcome. Efficacy is assessed.

Randomised trials are studies in which individuals are randomly assigned (by chance) to a group without any bias or judgement giving the greatest reliability and validity.

Placebo controlled are studies which have a group of people who take an inert compound that has no known activity as well as a group of people who take the active compound. It is used to determine if any effect is due to the treatment rather than the act of being treated.

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is an international ethical and scientific quality standard for the design, conduct, performance, monitoring, auditing, recording, analyses and reporting of clinical trials. It also serves to protect the rights, integrity and confidentiality of trial subjects. It enforces tight guidelines on ethical aspects of a clinical study- if you don’t have these guidelines then you cannot not whether a study or trial or the product that is tested is worthwhile. It aims to ensure the study is authentic- same as we want to know that a product is authentic.

Pomi-T has the gold standard of trust.