Tested Super Strains

Be aware that all supplements containing beneficial bacteria are not created equal. Selected super strains of bacteria that are derived from human origin are the only choice to obtain the many benefits of probiotics. Natren uses only tested powerful, super strains. These strains are scientifically documented in numerous published researched articles. To be a super strain, the probiotic must be isolated, identified and proven to be beneficial to human health. Natren doesn’t use any ingredients produced by biotechnology, and as a result, uses only naturally occurring strains with no artificial genetic manipulation. Natren strains have been repeatedly been shown to be safe even when administered in large amounts. These are bacteria that have the ability to inhibit undesirable microorganisms by producing bacteriocins and hydrogen peroxide.  With L.acidophilus for example, there are over 200 different strains, each with different strengths and abilities in how beneficial they will be to our health. Natren’s super strains are L.acidophilus NAS and L.acidophilus DDS-1 and they demonstrate increased production of hydrogen peroxide. Today we are dealing with stronger undesirable bad bacteria, and therefore we need strong, capable beneficial bacteria to engage in competitive exclusion.