• Healthy Tummy - Dairy (45 chewable wafers)

Healthy Tummy - Dairy (45 chewable wafers)

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Aids intestinal ecology for your healthy nutritional regimen. Super strain L. Bulgaricus LB-51 to help optimise digestion. Minimum of 1 billion cfu of live, active L. bulgaricus beneficial probiotic bacteria LB-51 super strain per wafer guaranteed through expiration date, if kept dry and refrigerated.

Suggested Dose:
Chew one or two wafers followed by a glass of unfiltered water, before or after meals to help optimise digestion.
Do not give chewable wafers to under four years of age to avoid possibility of choking.
Natural French Vanilla Flavour

Other ingredients:
Non-fat milk, lactose,whey,beet fructose,cellulose and natural french vailla flavouring.
No preservatives.
No corn sweetener used.
 Unique fermentation metabolites.


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