"I suffered with  inflammation in the bowel  in 2015 and since then have tried many treatments to support healing. In December 2016 I started using the Natren Probiotics range (Dairy - Lifestart, Superdophilus, Bifidonate and Bulgaricum) and was blessed with a dramatic improvement in my health, including improved digestion, more energy and vitality, less pain and discomfort and increased weight. I strongly believe that the Natren Probiotics have played a major part in my recovery and thank Nicola and Probiotics NZ for the excellent service they provide in making Natren Probiotics available in NZ. Keep up the great service"

J.B. West Coast, South Island, NZ.

"I have been using Trenev Trio for a few years now and I am extremely pleased with the reliability of the products, dedication of the Natren Company to produce and support a fine product. A rarity these days. Natren clearly believes in what they do, their products and caring about their customers." L Rhodes


"I developed lactose intolerance as a middle aged adult. I tried possibly every product on the market and ultimately discovered Natren's Trenev Trio. This product changed my life and my social life! It is miraculous. Over the years, I have suggested it to other friends who have thanked me profusely and also raved about their experience with this product." J. Watts

"I love Natren's Trenev Trio. It was the only thing that helped my digestive system. My sister who is also a doctor suggested I eat yoghurt but when I explained to her I was already doing that she said I could try a probiotic. I looked into Natren as I had heard about it, checked with my local health food store, and they agreed it was the best they knew of. That made it an easy choice. The worst issues were resolved in about a month. It took about a year before I was able to eat everything I was able to eat before. I tried off and on not taking Natren but I noticed some foods were still causing problems. Problems that went away when I took Trenev Trio. Because I have my life back I am looking forward to travelling." P Bates