About Us

With nearly 30 years experience, Probiotics NZ was founded on the premise of bringing together well respected and superb quality brands from leaders in their industry.

We focus on meeting your health needs with products from companies who are specialists in their field .These companies have a long tradition of using only high quality ingredients and manufacturing processes which give their products a strong edge. Each has a connection with nature and from their own beginnings, through plenty of hard work, dedication and inspiring goals, they bring you great products. Our loyal customers are proof of the quality and effectiveness of the brands we recommend.

Based in Auckland with many years experience as a community pharmacist, Nicola Johns shares the story’s of these wonderful companies and their products, on a daily basis. Human wellbeing includes human health, and both western medicine and natural healing have roles in our health balance. Let nature guide you towards wellness and joy.

Probiotics has always recommended their best products to me. My gut is happy so I am happy. It is an amazing feeling.



  • Trenev Trio

    Most potent probiotic available, small and large intestine, bowel, vaginal and urinary tract health

  • Superdophilus

    Small intestine, urinary and vaginal tract health

  • Bifidonate

    Large intestine (colon) health, supports liver


-The best in the probiotics-

  • Bulgaricum

    Small and large intestine, bowel, vaginal and urinary tract health, digestive aid, scavenger that cleans up the GI tract

  • Life Start

    Babies to children up to 5 years, breastfeeding, pregnant

  • Yoghurt Starter

    Make yoghurt at home with the right cultures.


~ The best in the probiotics ~

  • Supernatant Advantage

    Manufacturing a probiotic involves growing bacteria on specialised food called the growth medium. This original food source supplies the bacteria with the best nutrients for their growth. Once the bacteria have grown, Natren keeps this growth medium also called the supernatant in their finished probiotic product whereas other companies may separate the bacteria from this valuable growth medium and throw it out as a waste product. This separation process can damage or render the bacteria lame, which provides little benefit to us.

  • Special Packaging

    Probiotics are living creatures and need to be protected by harsh environments which can damage them such as heat, light and moisture. Natren uses only dark glass bottles with tin lids to protect them from harmful light and moisture. Plastic bottles allow moisture to get into the bottle contributing to a loss of potency of live bacteria. Probiotics are to be stored refrigerated and are shipped in chilly (eski) bins with commercial grade gel ice packs to keep them cool.

  • Tested Super Strains

    Be aware that all supplements containing beneficial bacteria are not created equal. Selected super strains of bacteria that are derived from human origin are the only choice to obtain the many benefits of probiotics. Natren uses only tested powerful, super strains. These strains are scientifically documented in numerous published researched articles. To be a super strain, the probiotic must be isolated, identified and proven to be beneficial to human health. Natren does not use any ingredients produced by biotechnology, and as a result, uses only naturally occurring strains with no artificial genetic manipulation. 

  • Certified Manufacturing Procedures

    This is the distinguishing feature that puts Natren at the top! Natren is the leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade quality probiotics. Why do we know this? By certifying your manufacturing processes where every step is checked to a recognised standard by a third party government agency. For NZ this independent auditing by a governmental agency is under the Australian Therapeutics Goods Agency. It gives International Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice certification called cGMP to Natren ensuring that the product has been tested for potency, purity, safety, strain identification and stability in all stages form the first culturing of the bacteria through to the expiration date.