Yourgutplus+ (Phyto-V Yourgutplus+) Capsules 60's

Yourgutplus+ (Phyto-V Yourgutplus+) Capsules 60's

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  • Yourgut+ is was developed in May 2020 for the UK national Covid-19 dietary intervention study. It contains a unique blend of 5 different  butyrate producing lactobacillus probiotic bacteria. Each capsule has 10 times the natural bacteria as a large live yogurt supported by an effective prebiotic soluble fibre inulin.

    It aims to help restore a healthy gut flora with an emphasis on safety.  It uses a patented slow release capsule which help avoid digestion of the bacteria by the stomach and help the bacteria research the large bowel where they are most needed.

    The probiotic formula provides a natural, non-dairy source, live product.
    Each capsule provides a minimum of 5 billion bacteria from 5 different strains.
    Soluble fibre inulin is included a natural prebiotic to enhance colony formation in the large bowel
    Patented slow release capsules vegetarian capsules

    Bacterial Cultures

    Lactobacillus plantarum,
    Lactobacillus rhamnosus,
    Lactobacillus bulgaricus,
    Lactococcus lactis,
    Lactobacillus paracasei

    Slow release vegetarian capsule:

    No added sugars, preservatives, sweeteners or colours, lactose and gluten free. Patented vegetarian capsule made from plant based hypromellose and gellan gum. The inert anti-Caking Agent is magnesium Stearate.

            • Our bodies are full of trillions of healthy probiotic bacteria, which help with digestion and immunity. A poor diet, viral illnesses, antibiotics, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or even simply travelling abroad, can upset the balance between these friendly bacteria and harmful bacteria.

              Abnormal gut bacterial growth can lead to a  bloating, wind, colicky pains and diarrhoea, as well as general symptoms such as fatigue and lack of motivation. There are an increasing number of chronic conditions which are now linked to abnormal bacterial flora such as arthritis, dementia, high cholesterol and osteoporosis. 

              In situations where the natural balance between good and bad bacteria has been upset, a healthy probiotic supplement can help to restore this balance and is recommended in combination with healthy dietary changes

              • The probiotic featured here are produced by two  long-established, reputable UK manufacturer with a high-quality assurance track record completely compliant with EU, UK and USA standards.

                It is also very important that there is evidence behind the blend of probiotics and prebiotics used, to ensure that they are beneficial, as not all probiotics are the same and safety issues need to be observed. Our blends have been carefully selected with safety in mind. They been developed by a panel biological and nutritional scientist with an academic interest in lifestyle and nutrition and was the blend chosen for The UK Covid nutritional intervention Study

                The advanced patented delayed release technology capsule ensures probiotics get to the correct gut area. Yourgutplus+ contains multiple strains of carefully selected healthy bacteria – 10 billion colony forming bacteria per capsule. It has a high safety profile, is made by a trusted UK company with comprehensive GMP certification and reliable use-by dates..


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