Collagen Powder 198g GreenFoods

  • Collagen Powder 198g GreenFoods

Collagen Powder 198g GreenFoods

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Green Foods Hydrolysed Collagen is incredible, high-quality collagen that has been broken down into short peptide chains (that’s the hydrolysation process) so that it’s easier for the body to absorb and utilize. The quicker your body can avail itself of the collagen, the faster you may reap the benefits.

Collagen, roughly meaning “something that produces glue,” is the primary structural protein found in our skin and other connective tissues. In essence, it’s what holds our bodies together, and it’s incredibly abundant; collagen makes up a whopping 30 percent of our total cache of protein and accounts for 30 percent of our bones, 60 percent of our cartilage, up to 80 percent of our skin, 80 percent of our tendons and 90 percent of the sclera (also know as the whites of your eyes). Because of the proliferation of collagen within our bodies, it’s almost impossible to name an organ, system or function that isn’t affected when you suffer from collagen insufficiency.

Ideally, your body is making collagen every day, but the aging process leads to a natural decrease in collagen production and that can create some obvious deficits.

• Promote muscle health
• Strengthen bones
• Support healthy skin and nails
• Reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging
• Protect your gut
• Combat hair loss
• Contribute to flexibility and joint mobility
• Maintain eye health



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