Natren Yoghurt Starter 50g Expiry Date 30/10/2024

  • Natren Yoghurt Starter 50g  Expiry Date 30/10/2024

Natren Yoghurt Starter 50g Expiry Date 30/10/2024

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Yoghurt has long been known for its beneficial properties, with the real, traditional Bulgarian yoghurt being famous for its light, tangy taste and smooth, creamy texture. Natren® makes it possible for you to make your own real, Bulgarian-style yoghurt with our Yoghurt Starter®. This wonderful product is a combination of Strepococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus, LB-51 super strain. Traditionally, Lactobacillus bulgaricus is found in Bulgarian yoghurt. Some of the healthiest, longest living and energetic people eat Bulgarian yoghurt as part of their daily regimen. The Bulgarians use starter cultures and make their own yoghurt. With the commercial processing techniques of many yoghurts, the beneficial bacteria have often completed their life cycles and are no longer useful by the time they are ingested. Homemade yoghurt using a starter culture like the Bulgarians do is the best way to get the most advantageous benefits from yoghurt. Strepococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus are non-competitive and have a mutually beneficial relationship. In all of nature, these are among the few bacteria that live and work together peacefully. Most others are antagonistic to one another. In the process that turns milk into yoghurt, Strepococcus thermophilus goes to work first and prepares the perfect environment for Lactobacillus bulgaricus. These two beneficial transient bacteria work together to cause the fermentation process that turns milk into the smoothest, freshest, most delicious yoghurt you’ve ever enjoyed. Instructions for preparing homemade yoghurt are included with each bottle. One of the vital functions performed by these two beneficial bacteria is the breakdown (pre-digesting) of milk proteins, making yoghurt a good source of pre-digested protein and bioavailable calcium. Good yoghurt has been used for many generations for convalescing people in Russia, Eastern Europe and parts of Western Europe, and is considered to be the original "longevity" food.

Suggested use:
Use a commercial yoghurt maker or an oven method. Complete directions on the label.
Remember. Always refrigerate, do not freeze or put in direct sunlight.

Viable yoghurt starter culture of nonfat milk solids and whey containing Lactobacillus bulgaricus (LB-51) and Strepococcus thermophilus bacteria (in precise Bulgarian proportions).
No preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

Serving Size: 2g ( approx 1 tsp)

Servings per container:24


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