Nicola's First Aid Kit


Nicola's recommendation of these five products to take when your symptoms start that will support the body at this time. Have them at the ready in your home or work or to take with you when you travel so that you are prepared for any health event and can take immediate action. 

YourGutPlus+ contains a unique blend of 5 different, scientifically selected, butyrate enhancing lactobacillus probiotic bacteria, supported by an effective prebiotic, which encourages healthy bacterial growth, in the form of the natural soluble fibre blends inulin from whole chicory.   Yourgutplus+ contains a healthy amount of Vitamin D3, the absorption and bio-availability of which is enhanced by the lactobacillus.  Vitamin D3 encourages the growth of the "good bacteria" so there is a healthy synergy between these lactobacillus and Vitamin D. Yougutplus+ aims to help restore a healthy gut flora with an emphasis on safety. It uses a patented slow release capsule which help avoid digestion of the bacteria by the stomach helping the bacteria reach the large bowel where they are most needed.

Immune Select merges five selected substances to form a natural immune active complex. In addition to the classic lines of defense, zinc and Vitamin C (from acerola cherries)  Immune Select contains the bioactive substance beta glucan from yeast cell walls at a dosage of 900mg per daily dose. Another ingredient is the lactic acid bacterium  Lactobacillus paracasei MCC 1849. This probiotic  was selected among thousands in human studies due to it having comparatively exhibited the greatest potential of the strains investigated in terns of the immune system. The formula is rounded off by the plant phytochemical quercetin.

 Pelargonium will support the lungs and throat. A liquid preparation has been evaluated in many clinical trials. Supports the upper respiratory tract and clear sinuses. Will soothe the throat.  When used promptly it may assist fast natural and healthy recovery. It can support the body's immune response when under attack from winter or seasonal bugs

Echinacea is a traditional herb and it has gained popularity since the 1950's as an immune supporter. Echinacea is a widely researched and proven herb for immune support. It is commonly used to support immune health during seasonal changes, supporting lung, skin and urinary health. Thuja supports the lungs and skin.

Darmflora Plus Select have a role in immune weakness and contains several different cultures of lactic acid bacteria whose specific properties act in synergy. Darmflora plus select contains eight different cultures which, based on the studies available, constitute a useful combination and act in different parts of the ileum and colon. They are acid -resistant and survive in the stomach and gastro intestinal tract and have very good ability to stick to the intestinal tract. They will support lactose(dairy) digestion.